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5 Common Causes of Clogged Toilets & What To Do

Clogged toilets are a common problem that can cause frustration and disruption in your home. Clogs can range from minor to severe, but the good news is that most of them can be easily fixed with the right tools and knowledge. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the five most common causes of clogged toilets and what you should do when faced with each one. So read on for more information about how to identify, fix, and prevent these toilet woes!

Clogs from Too Much Toilet Paper

Every once in a while, it’s easy to forget about how much toilet paper you’ve put down the drain. With one too many squares ending up in the bowl, you may have a clog on your hands. When this happens, take a pair of pliers and try to remove the excess toilet paper from the drain. If this doesn’t work, you may need to call in a professional for some clogged toilet repair.

Clogs from Foreign Objects

Children are particularly susceptible to flushing objects down the toilet that don’t belong there, like toys and other small items. These clogs are typically a bit easier to remove, as you can often reach in and pull them out with your hands or a pair of pliers.

Clogs from Grease & Hair

Clogs caused by grease and hair are particularly common in bathrooms with more than one user. Grease and hair can quickly build up in the trap beneath your toilet, leading to a clog. To unclog toilets with this type of cause, you’ll need to use a plunger or drain snake. You may also consider using a chemical cleaner for stubborn clogs.

Clogs from Clumps of Mineral Deposits

Clogged toilets can also be caused by mineral deposits, which can form when hard water and minerals build up over time. These clogs are usually easy to fix with a plunger or a drain snake. If these tools don’t work, you may need to call a professional. 

Clogs from Tree Roots

The last common cause of clogged toilets is tree roots, which can grow into your drainage system and cause a blockage. If you suspect tree roots are the culprit for your clogged toilet, then it’s time to call in a professional for some repair work.

Clogged toilets are a nuisance, but they don’t have to be an emergency. Once you’ve identified the cause of your clog and the necessary steps for fixing it, you can easily tackle the job. If all else fails, it may be time to call a professional for clogged toilet repair.

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