Learn how to play 3-card Poker and tips on how to win

3-card Poker is a fairly new card game in Vietnam. However, this game has long been popular in Europe. Getting you familiar with how to play Poker is not difficult. However, you need to know the tricks of the game to be able to win. Therefore, please read the following article completely New88 to better understand Poker.
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Concept of 3-card Poker

If you have ever played Poker and 5-card Poker, you will see that 3-card Poker is very similar to the rules and playing style. Especially when you participate in entertainment at online bookies, you will definitely encounter this card game. Accordingly, the way to play 3-card Poker is easy to understand but at the same time brings you many unique and interesting features.

3-card Poker uses a deck of 52 cards with 2 Jokers. The remaining number will be mixed by the dealer after each game. In this game, the Hall set is considered stronger than the Barrel. In addition, the order of large to small cards is from Ace to 2. In particular, when you pair Q-A with Ace, the strongest set will come out. But if you pair with 2-3, you will be weak.

In addition, if you want to play 3-card Poker, you must have enough capital to bet and raise. Suppose you make a reservation at an online bookmaker for 10 dollars, then your account needs at least 20 dollars. Only then will you be able to use the Raise when participating in that game.

In short, the goal that everyone aims for when playing 3-card Poker is to use their cards to win against the dealer. Each member will be dealt 3 cards and start comparing points like Poker to find the winner and loser.

How to play basic 3-card Poker

How to play 3-card Poker is quite simple. Normally, when you participate in this sport at the house, you will have to go through operations such as: Place bets – Deal cards – Compare scores and receive rewards. Specifically the steps are as follows:

Place bets

The moment you start the 3-card Poker game, you will be given the right to reserve a seat. This depends on the plans and strategies you set out in advance. Accordingly, you can choose to bet on pairs or 6 cards as you like.

Distribute the cards

The dealer will assign the dealer the task of dealing cards to you. At this point, you will receive 3 face-up cards. However, the dealer’s cards are face down. Next you will be able to choose the following rights:
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  • If you are lucky enough to receive 3 strong cards and feel you can win, you should choose To continue the game. At that time, the dealer will turn up his cards to compare with yours. The Ante is calculated equivalent to the original bet.
  • If you are unlucky enough to be dealt 3 weak cards and feel less confident about your ability to win, choose to fold. At this point you will lose your entire initial bet.

In addition, among the dealer’s total of 3 cards, a Q or greater must definitely appear. If that does not happen, all bets and raises are returned to the participating member. At the same time, the dealer must meet all the conditions before starting to compare points with the players. Then whichever side is higher wins.

Compare scores and get rewards

When you compare 3-card Poker scores and receive rewards, you will encounter one of the following situations:

  • If you have a stronger hand than the dealer and place a Raise and place bet, you will receive a 1-1 reward.
  • If the dealer owns a stronger deck, you will lose money on both place and raise bets.
  • If you and the dealer have the same score, you will get your original bet back.
  • When you bet on a pair and are lucky enough to be dealt 2 cards of the same value. Next, when comparing with the dealer, if you are strong or weak, you will still receive a bonus.
  • If you bet on 6 cards, you must have 3 cards when matched with the dealer to create a strong 5-card Poker to receive the bonus. There will be a set of 3 cards or greater. Because if the dealer wins or you fold, you have normal money.
  • If you and the dealer have the same card quality, then start comparing the total score. Whichever side is bigger wins. In case they are equal in points, the strongest card is considered.

So, with this way of playing 3-card Poker, your chances of receiving a bonus are definitely quite high. In particular, you will not be afraid of losses, even if you lose.

Tips for playing 3-card Poker effectively

Although playing 3-card Poker is quite simple. If you read it, you will think that you will hardly lose money when participating in this card game. However, that doesn’t mean you always win with 3-card Poker. If you want to play this card game effectively, read all the following tips.

Use the third card

Using the third card is a very good trick that players often apply in their games. The purpose of this move is mainly to “scare” other members. The third card when the remaining 2 cards are small is really very important. Therefore, before receiving all 3 cards, you should play tricks to distract your opponent. Thanks to that, you have the ability to “turn the wheel” and change the situation of the game.

In addition, the third card is the hope of salvation for you, so please take advantage of it skillfully and reasonably. Don’t let other members guess and know what your hand is. At this time, you should entice your opponent to play your way, then victory is sure to be in hand.

Use the All in method

 The All In method, also known as All In, is sometimes very risky when you use it in 3-card Poker. Therefore, you should only apply this tip if you have enough experience. In addition, you need to control your psychology and judge the right time to strike accurately. In particular, this is a move that cannot “return to shore”. If you win, you take it all, if you lose, you go home.

All In Poker is an adventurous way to play 3-card Poker

Use the existing pair

If you play Poker and are lucky enough to be dealt 3 cards including 1 pair, you should take advantage. At this point, you should bet more in the first round to play psychological tricks with other members. Thanks to that, you will be able to eliminate some of your opponents’ weak decks in case they get lucky and counterattack.

Be patient in all situations

Patience is a very necessary virtue when you play all card games, not just 3-card Poker. Therefore, if you are unlucky enough to be dealt cards that have no meaning when combined together, you should withdraw. Guys, please be patient and wait for the next match to get the hang of it.


So you just finished discovering all the ways to playPoker 3 cards basic. In addition, this article also shares with you tips on how to win this card game. From there, you will know how to apply and combine personal strategies to play Poker more effectively

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