Online Sic Bo Game to Make Money Fast Every Day

Online Sic Bo is a game where everyone wants to win and bring as much money to their account as possible. But almost no one can do that and only suffer heavy losses because they do not have the right playing strategy. This article is branded New88 will “save” you guys by sharing tips and tricks for playing casino Sic Bo to increase your extremely attractive winning rate.
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What is online Sic Bo?

Sic Bo game originates from a country quite familiar to us, which is China. Initially, it was considered a folk game in this country. Then it was spread and widely developed in surrounding areas, especially in Southeast Asia.

Until technology developed, this game was produced and popularized on mobile phones. Thanks to that, players can experience online dice whenever they want. You just need to bet on the Over or Under box to predict the total number of buttons on the dice. If the prediction is correct, the player will receive a bonus from the house.

Discover the rules of playing Sic Bo online

Basically, we can understand that the rule of Sic Bo is to accurately predict the total number of buttons of the dice. But to make this clearer, please read on about the specific playing rules and betting options that appear in the game.

How to play Sic Bo

To participate in online Sic Bo, you need to choose a betting table with a suitable amount of money. After that, the Dealer will show the dice and bowls to the players in the test stage. Next, the beautiful Dealer lady will put 3 dice into the bowl and shake them up.

When the bowl stops, the player must accurately predict the total number of buttons of the dice and place a bet. You only have about 30 seconds to place a bet, so you need to think as quickly and accurately as possible. When the bet is successful, the Dealer will open the bowl and compare the results. Members whose bets match the results displayed on the screen will be successful and receive rewards from the house.

Basic bets

In online Sic Bo, to bring an attractive experience to players, the house has provided a variety of different betting options. Including: Under bets, Over bets, triple bets, duo bets. To better understand these bets, please continue reading.

  • Bet on big when you think the total number of dice is between 11 and 17.
  • Bet on under when you think the total number of dice is between 4 and 10.
  • Triple bet when the player predicts that the faces of 3 dice are identical.
  • Double bets involve the appearance of a pair of identical numbers and any dice.

Thanks to the diversity of betting options, the player’s experience when participating in online Sic Bo becomes more interesting than ever. Not only that, it also helps bettors have more valuable options, increasing their winning rate when participating in over/under betting.

Super cool tips for playing Sic Bo online for you

Most people will think that playing Sic Bo mainly depends on luck. But that is wrong when you can rely on tips to achieve success. And above all, we will share the best tips for playing Sic Bo online below.

Play quickly

The folding method has never been outdated when playing online Sic Bo. Up to 90% of the experts who get rich from Sic Bo rely on this method. Basically, we will bet the next game twice as much as the previous game. 

Just like that until you bet successfully, then return to the original bet level. It sounds absurd, but its effectiveness has been proven in practice. That you only need to win one game to recover both the capital and profit you lost before.
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Based on prediction

One of the secrets to playing Sic Bo online is to rely on predictions. Prediction is always applied and gives the most accurate betting results for bettors. You can predict based on a few of the following methods: raising numbers, playing flat bridge, playing broken bridge, etc. Each of these types of prediction brings different benefits that players need to keep in mind.

Play with stops

This is one of the golden experiences that you need to keep in mind if you want to win big when playing Sic Bo. You should only focus on bets with low payout rates such as Over and Under. 

Although the payout rate is not high, the probability of winning is very high. Above all, if you feel that today is unlucky and unlucky, you should stop playing.

Playing Sic Bo online requires you to have specific strategies and your own luck. Hopefully the above tips will help bettors win every game and earn lots of bonuses. Register and follow New88 to read more now news Other related betting.

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