Revealing the Most Effective Baccarat Card Techniques

Got it Baccarat card playing techniques That means you have a winning rate of up to 70%. However, mastering this playing technique is a problem, especially for new players. Therefore, the following article of 789 BET will give you detailed instructions on card playing techniques that are both simple and bring the best results from experts.

Definition of Baccarat card playing techniques

Baccarat card betting technique is a betting technique based on the rules of the game to increase your winning rate. Thanks to that, the player’s probability of winning will increase greatly, possibly reaching 70%. Currently, thanks to this technique, there are many bettors Get rich from Baccarat.

According to what 789BET learned from bettors, there are currently 2 main Baccarat card playing techniques. That is the technique developed based on the rules of the game and string technique. To know more clearly what these techniques are, please continue to refer to the sharing below.

Baccarat card playing techniques are based on the game rules

The Baccarat card technique that most players apply today is the technique based on the rules of the game. According to sharing from experts, this card playing technique will bring very good results. 

In particular, the technique of playing cards according to the rules of the game means that you must refer to and learn the winning and losing history of previous games. Once you have the data, it will be easy for everyone to realize what the return probability of the doors is. After that, everyone will have the correct card playing technique as follows:

Technique 1: The rule that the doors take turns appearing

This Baccarat card technique means that if you see the doors taking turns winning, you should bet according to that rule. For example, in the previous games the winning turns were Banker – Player – Banker – Player – Banker, then in this game everyone should bet on Player. If this game does not win, bet on Banker in the next game. Just keep repeating until you win, then stop.

Technique 2: Rule of repeating 2 rounds or 3 rounds

The second Baccarat card technique that you should know is based on the rule of round 2 or round 3. The sign to recognize this rule is that there are about 2 to 3 rounds all going to the same door. With this rule, everyone also knows which bet to place to have a higher probability of winning.

An example of this Baccarat card technique is if in the first round, the doors are Player – Player – Banker – Banker – Player – Player. It’s almost the same way to play Baccarat rice rice, in the next 2 games, everyone should bet on Banker. According to Baccarat experience From famous players, this betting method has a winning probability of up to 80% or 90%. 

Technique 3: Rule of opening one door 3 times in a row

Baccarat card playing techniques follow the final rule 789BET What I want to recommend is going out 3 times in a row at the same door. Specifically about this rule, in the previous 3 consecutive games, they all exploded at the same door.  

With this rule, if you see 3 consecutive games on the Banker side, then bet on the Player side in the next round. If you see that the previous 2 games all opened on the Player side, then in the third game, continue to bet on the Player side. 

This Baccarat card technique is very simple, anyone can easily understand and apply immediately. However, How to play Baccarat and never lose What the experts share is that you should only apply the broken rule (having 2 consecutive games in front of you all go to the same door) to have a higher probability of winning.

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Instructions on the technique of playing Baccarat cards according to the line

In addition to basing on the explosion rule, another Baccarat card strategy that you should know is based on the line. That means players will rely on the rule that there is always 1 win and 1 consecutive loss. How to use playing techniques Baccarat card game This is extremely simple, specifically as follows:

  • Step 1 – Observe to find the string: To perform this Baccarat card technique, the first important thing is that you must find the string. 
  • Step 2 – Choose the wire: After determining the wire, you should know whether to choose the wire at the Banker or Player door. 
  • Step 3 – Start betting: Start betting if that bridge is still out. If that line has been cut off, you should not continue to bet on that line anymore.


Our above article has summarized these details in detail Baccarat card playing techniques the most effective today. In addition to the above techniques, when playing, you should combine them with Flexible Baccarat playing strategy. At the same time, you should also find an address to play this card game at a reputable place like bookmaker 789BET. Good luck!

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