What is Tu Lo Kho? Unbeatable Gaming Experience For Brothers

Game What is Tu Lo Kho?? This is a game that is extremely familiar to Vietnamese people, but many people are still unfamiliar with how to play this game. Invite you along JUN 88 learn about the rules of the game, way dlight pussyHow to Win big by sharing this post belowhIt is.

Find out what the hot game Tu Lo Kho is?

What is Tu Lo Kho?? This is an attractive game genre that has existed since ancient times. In essence, this game is similar to Tien Len Bac because it has relatively simple and attractive rules, so it attracts many bettors. The game will use a deck of cards with 52 cards. This game gives everyone moments of fun, comfort and many valuable prizes when playing online.

The unique point in this game is the extremely interesting way of playing. At the same time, it requires you to know how to analyze and remember good cards to be able to win. Therefore, don’t expect too much luck, you need to have effective strategies and logical thinking.

Although the gameplay is similar to Tien Go North, the blocking method will be more complicated. Unlike Tien Len Nam, when playing Tu Lo Kho, the sets must be consistent in order to block the opponent’s cards.

What are the sets in the card game Tu Lo Kho?

Besides learning What is Tu Lo Kho? You also need to know the set in the game to find effective playing strategies. Specifically includes:

  • Junk: These are cards that cannot be arranged in columns or rows in the game Tu Lo Kho.
  • Pair: Cards with the same color and value will be paired together to form a pair.
  • Gray: Consists of 3 cards of the same value put together.
  • Four of a kind: As the name suggests, four of a kind are 4 cards of the same value put together to form a set.
  • Straight: Different from the above set, to create a straight requires at least 3 cards or more. However, each leaf needs to be the same and of the same suit.

Like other games, Tu Lo Kho has the value of pieces arranged from small to large. In particular, the largest card is 2 and the smallest card is 3. Thus, in Tu Lo Kho game, each card will be arranged from smallest to largest as follows: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2.

Find out in detail what the rules of Tu Lo Kho are?

From a set of 52 cards, many different games will be created. Each type will also have separate game rules. However, despite the diversity of games and other forms of playing, the Tu Lo Kho rules of this card game still have the following common characteristics:

Rules for blocking cards

In the game, when a player has a turn, they must use their hand to intercept the cards of the previous player. When no one blocks, the winner who blocks will take the next turn.

Law of compensation

When playing, you need to master it so you don’t get penalized. Each creative game from its own set will have different penalty and penalty rules. Some special types of cards “rotten” pairs or four of a kind, meaning you lose all the cards in your hand while the game has ended.
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What is the experience of winning big when playing Tu Lo Kho?

Although Tu Lo Kho has simple rules that are easy to remember, if you do not have your own experience and strategies, it will be difficult to win. Below are some experiences of playing this game summarized by experts for players to apply.

  • Master the rules of the game and be highly concentrated: The first thing you need to master is the rules and be highly concentrated in each game. That way you can memorize each card and come up with an effective strategy.
  • Don’t let 2 rot: If your set has 2, how to use them appropriately. Don’t leave the last 2 as you will be fined a lot of money.
  • Play four of a kind at the right time: Similar to card 2, when you have a four of a kind you should not wait until last to play. It is best to cut off 2 leaves to limit quarter rot.
  • Track and remember each card played: This is the bloody experience of many players today. Memorizing many cards will help you win more. When you know the cards have been played, you will be able to count the missing cards and predict your opponent’s next move.


Surely, through the article shared above by  Jun88, you already know the game What is Tu Lo Kho?? with experience to play effectively. Hopefully, the above useful knowledge will help players understand more about this game, so they will easily win.

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