Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

One of the first issues you’ll need to answer while beginning your path into coding is which programming language to study. There are many programming languages available, and developers frequently have strong preferences for the ones they enjoy (and detest) using.

More than 70,000 developers participated in a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, a community platform where people ask and answer technical questions, last month to find out which technologies they use most frequently and to gauge the sentiment of the tech industry on important topics like productivity and salaries.

The poll findings can motivate you to begin learning something new, or at the very least, they might confirm your own inclinations for programming. If you need to earn money to pay for your studying then check this website

The top programming languages in use in 2022

Are you curious about the most well-liked programming languages in 2022? Here are the best 10 programming languages according to experts and code aficionados, along with instructions on how to start studying them right away.

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This versatile language frequently tops Stack Overflow’s dev survey, and for good reason. Flexible, strong, and essential for creating interactive web technology is JavaScript. When you’re ready, check out our whole range of JavaScript courses and tutorials. If you’re new to JavaScript, start with our course, Learn JavaScript.


The “power couple” of web development, determines the organization and appearance of web pages. Studying both of them Create a website using HTML, CSS, and GitHub Pages, or begin with the basics with the course Learn HTML. Try one of our Practice and Portfolio Projects to see the range of HTML/CSS capabilities you possess.

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If data science interests you, you should know that SQL is the language used to query and manipulate data in a relational database. You will learn how to use SQL to communicate with data in our beginner-friendly skill path Data Science Foundations, and you’ll gain practical experience dealing with datasets. To obtain a fundamental understanding of the language and how data affects our modern world, you can also start with Learn SQL.


Due to its simple syntax and versatility in applications ranging from web development and machine learning to data science and financial analysis, Python tends to be popular. A good starting point for learning Python programming is Learn Python 3. Alternatively, improve your abilities using Implementing machine learning now.

Technically speaking, TypeScript is a superset that extends JavaScript, which makes it simpler to identify potential errors and manage your code. You’ll discover how to use JavaScript syntax with TypeScript’s type system in our course Learn TypeScript.


This archaic language is still employed for creating Android apps, websites, video games, smart gadgets, and other things. In our beginner Java course, you will learn the basics of Java and create practice projects.


Linux and macOS developers will need to be familiar with the command-line interface shell software known as Bash. Take a look Prior to learning how to automate chores with Bash Scripting, understand the Command Line.


Microsoft’s high-level programming language, C#, is used to create enterprise software as well as websites, video games, and mobile applications. Discover the products you can create with C# by browsing our C# courses or use Learn C# to get started writing code right away.


C++ is used by programmers to create large-scale software, such as that used in robots, IoT devices, and AR/VR, that depends on speed and effective memory management. Take our Learn C++ course to get started.


PHP combines with HTML to create dynamic web pages. You’ll test your abilities by writing three different projects in our Learn PHP course.

The most common programming languages used to teach coding

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python were nearly tied for the first rank among respondents who are learning to code as opposed to professional developers:






How to pick your ideal programming language

What are some further interesting survey results? Rust is the most popular programming language among developers, with 86% of respondents stating that they enjoy using the all-purpose language. (Remember to keep a watch out for the release of our new course, Rust for Programmers, this summer.) According to the poll, the languages that developers wish to use but haven’t yet are Rust and Python.

It’s interesting to learn about the technologies that others are currently employing, but keep in mind that there are no bad programming language choices. As you advance as a developer and gain new abilities that translate to different technologies, there’s a strong possibility you’ll run into a few of these languages. Additionally, you should remain adaptable and continue your education because the technological world is constantly evolving.

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