Revealing effective lottery methods to help players win at New88

Experienced lottery players are no longer unfamiliar with effective lottery methods. But for new players entering this field, this is no small difficulty. To learn how to play accurately and win quickly, let’s join New88 Study the content of the article below.
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The effective way to pick lotteries is based on the statistics of pairs of numbers that often come together 

Below are pairs of numbers that often come together, which you need to master:

  • Please enter 373 if you see 030.
  • The number 78 often comes together with 47.
  • The beautiful number 33 often appears with 44, 03.
  • If you choose 88, you should bet with 33.
  • When 848 explodes, there is a high chance that 070 will appear.

Pairs of numbers are often present in pairs

According to professional players, numbers often appear in pairs such as:

  • If the pair 03 – 30 appeared the day before, the next day you should choose the pair 08 – 80.
  • If the previous day was the pair 44 – 44, then play the pair 47 – 74 the next day.
  • If the previous day’s lottery results were 78 – 87, the next day you should play 48 – 84.
  • If the pair 38 – 83 comes out, you should play 38 – 83.
  • If pair 47 – 74 comes back, choose pair 70 – 07.

How to bet effectively based on days of the week

Based on the days of the week, you can search for the lottery numbers with the most frequent return rates:

  • The number 33 often appears on Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Tuesdays often return 48.
  • The number 88 usually appears on 3 days, Monday, Friday and Thursday.
  • Note the returning 78 on the results board on Saturday and Sunday.
  • On Thursday, it usually returns 83.
  • On the 7th day, the player should play 07.
  • On Sunday, choose 78.

How to catch lotteries from lottery table statistics

When searching for exact lottery numbers, you can count the frequency of pairs of numbers appearing on the lottery board. Surely you will quickly win and earn more money:
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  • Lottery 34 will come with 78.
  • The number 74 often appears with the number 88.
  • If you see 47, bet on 77 immediately.
  • When the lottery number is 00, the number 47 often appears.
  • If the result is 37, bet on 73.

How to bet effectively based on skewed lotteries 3

If players love 3-way lotteries, don’t miss the lucky number pairs with high winning rates as follows:

  • Numbers 47 and 74 are pairs of numbers that often appear with 44.
  • The pair of numbers 38 and 40 have a high chance of coming back with the number 83.
  • Pairs 34 and 43 often appear with number 03.
  • If the numbers 00 and 04 come up, the player should immediately play the number 70.
  • The numbers 84 and 83 will often appear along with the number 87.

Pick lots based on the most recent lottery results of the month

Below are the numbers that frequently appear in the most recent results table, you need to pay attention as follows:

  • The number 34 often appears with the number 43.
  • The number 43 pair often comes together with the beautiful number 03.
  • Lotto numbers often come together: 83, 78.


Above is a sharing on how to catch lotteries effectively from professional players. Based on the correct playing method shared above, you will have more opportunities to win bets and receive more attractive bonuses. Don’t forget to register for a member account and start betting right now at New88.

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