5 Lexani Wheels So Gorgeous They Should Be Declared Illegal!

Since 1996, Lexani Wheels have captured the public imagination and have redefined the sub-niche of deluxe customizable rims. In those days, getting hold of tailormade aftermarket rims – a set manufactured to suit only one vehicle – was a lot more difficult than it is now. The market was still in a state of churn as replicas (reps) were slowly making way for better and more durable wheels that could take a beating.

In the non-OEM segment, Lexani is a huge brand. It sells hundreds of models and the vast majority of these are custom-made for high-flying clients. Naturally, the company has been at the forefront on the design and style fronts; else, some other brand would have made the cut.

And even as 2022 bids adieu, Lexani has ensured that its products are far superior to those made by giant rivals like Savini, American Racing, IROC, Vossen, and BBS.

Savini is perhaps the closest competitor in the customized rims segment but even then, Lexani Wheels has retained its dominance!

If you are a proud owner of a luxury car but are not too happy with the factory-fitted rims, perhaps you can switch over to Lexani’s products and experience the difference for yourself.

Here are some suggestions.

The 5 most stunning Lexani Wheels

If you are reading this, you are probably well aware that looks play a big role in sales. And Lexani is the master of churning out brand-new and facelifted rims each year, upping the ante.

Try out at least one of the following models to give your vehicle that high-street fashion look!

  1. Lexani Wraith-XL: This is the flagship of the Concave Sports range of rims that Lexani rolled out a few years ago to climb atop the off-road rim options. Simply put, it is an absolutely fabulous piece of work that suits the latest Rolls-Royces and Bentleys, and have also been seen on monsters like the McLaren 720s.

The Wraith-XL is available in several sizes but the 24-inch variant outsells the others every year. Its multi-spoke design is timeless, while the machined tips come in a wide array of colors. The façade is relatively clean. Made using high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, the Wraith-XL is a sight for sore eyes.

While you can opt for the glossy black variant with white tips, experimenting with the other rich colors is also a pretty good idea.

  1. Lexani Shadow Staggered: This should probably be your go-to deluxe and highly customizable rim for your sedans and saloons. The Shadow is one of the icons of Lexani Wheels and has countless fans in the United States and worldwide. The latest Mercedes full-size sedans look like a million bucks if you add a set of these staggered rims, preferably the 22-inch models.

Staggered rims ensure that you can swap the factory-fitted tires and use oversized ones without sacrificing on any front. The chrome Shadow is one of the most beloved aftermarket rims of owners of Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Roadster.

Why, you can even buy Lexani’s own tires to suit your needs! That is exactly what a grizzled professional at AudioCity USA (one of our favorite retailers of branded rims in California) suggested.

  1. Lexani Turbine Staggered: This is one of the few rims on this list that comes with stainless-steel lip rims. But the manufacturer has ensured that there is absolutely no extra weight added, and the Turbine rims are as light as the cast aluminum models. It is this interesting addition of steel rims that sets the Turbine range truly apart!

These Lexani Wheels have been spotted on 5th and 6th-generation Camaros, BMW sports cars, vintage Impalas and even some older Porsche 911s. We’ve spotted a grand old Chevy Vega with smaller Turbine rims, believe it or not!

The finishes are almost comparable to haute couture! Buy these rims if you are often in the mood for light off-roading.

  1. Lexani R-FOUR Staggered: The Lexani R-FOUR is another member of the Concave Sports range and can be customized and made unique in every possible way – down to the powder coating. This is a versatile rim that works as well with sedans and coupes as it does with pickups and full-size SUVs. While there are several sizes offered, the 22-inch model clearly is the most popular.

One surefire way you can tell apart a set of R-FOUR wheels from a distance is the old-fashioned 5-spoke design that are decorated very sparsely and mostly completed in dual-tone colors. Lexani usually sticks to uncommon colors (red and black, saffron and blue, bronze and silver among others) and every rim is CNC-machined.

CNC machining ensures that the rim you have ordered for your Honda Civic, for instance, fits it like a suede glove with absolutely zero errors in calibrations and measurements.

Lexani Wheels uses CNC machining processes on all of the models you see here, by the way.

  1. Lexani Lust Chrome: Like its siblings – Aries, Spike, and Salvage – the Lexani Lust is a stunner that is at once charming and capable. The name does say it all, does it not?! This is a concave rim that is designed to work and match equally well with hatchbacks, mini-SUVs, sedans, subcompacts, and hatchbacks.

The Lexani Lust’s bestseller is its 22-inch chrome variant, although there are machined yellow, red, and neon green colors available as well. This is an expensive rim, but it is impeccable in every way you look at it.

Wrapping up

Please note that fake Lexani Wheels keep cropping up across the country like stubborn mushrooms. These are cheap forgeries and are not recommended at all. Get a set from established retailers only!

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