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Disabling the WhatsApp feature that shows the last time you viewed the service

Whatsapp now offers the option to hide the last Android user view, which was previously only available to Iphone users.

The last view is that bar below your name that shows the last time you used the application’s services for your contacts. For example:

His name: “Dayane”

Just below “last seen at 19”.

With the new version of the app, you can hide this option, thus leaving a blank, as if your last viewing time was invisible under your name. For example:

His name: “Dayane”

Right below:

How to disable the WhatsApp feature

Android users can already have access to this option from version 2. 11. 186 of the application. If the user chooses to have the last view hidden, he will not have access to the last viewing time of his contacts. Although this new version hides your latest views, it still shows the time you are online, and the time you received the messages, as this option to hide online mode is still only available on the thing here Picuki

The option to hide the last view is found in the main menu of the application, in the part of settings, account information, and privacy. After accessing this, you have the option:

Last seen: – everyone, – my contacts, – no one. By clicking on no one you have already disabled the preview service. PS: Same with profile picture and status. More informationhere electronic cigarette

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