Is Downloading PDF Books From PDF Drive Illegal?

The PDF file has been with us for a long time now. It is probably one of the most commonly used document file formats today. The ease of use and availability of PDFs have made them the go-to option for documents that need to be saved in a digital format. With so much usage of PDFs, it’s not surprising that the entire world has sprung up around them. PDF Drive is a platform that has a massive archive of PDF Books. It has been around for years, but a few issues sprung up regarding the legality of the PDF Books downloadable on PDF Drive. Is Downloading PDF Books From PDF Drive Illegal? How Many PDF Book Titles Are In PDF Drive? Read further to learn more!

What Is PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The format allows users to create documents that will be accessible across several applications, platforms, and devices. The versatility of PDF files has made them extremely popular. Many institutions provide online study materials in PDF format because of their universal accessibility. You can save documents and texts in PDF format, making them easy to share with others. PDFs have become one of the essential elements of everyday office work. PDF Files are editable and occupy a small amount of storage on any device. You can store PDF files on a hard disk, flash drive, and memory card.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is an online platform where people can search for and download PDF Books. It has a massive archive of PDF books from various genres. It is one of the easiest ways to access PDF books. The service has been around for years and has gained millions of users. It is a free service and a great way to access downloadable PDF Books online. PDF Drive is a web-based platform that offers an archive of PDF Books, from recreational novels to classic literature books. It is accessible through a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

It is browser-based and does not require any installation on your device. It requires no sign-up for readers but has account creation for writers. It is the best platform to improve your writing style. It can also be a go-to site for your PDF Book needs, but before accessing the site, read further as we answer the question regarding the legality of PDF Books in PDF Drive!

Is Downloading PDF Books From PDF Drive Illegal?

The question we have been discussing till now is whether or not downloading PDF books from PDF Drive is illegal. The answer is no. It is not. There has been a lot of confusion around this issue. The site hosts legal downloadable PDF books. If you search on PDF Drive, you will find plenty of books available. Most are textbooks, reference guides, famous novels, and academic literature. Many of these books are out of copyright or public domain, which means you can legally download them and use them for any purpose you like. It’s also possible to use these books to complete assignments for school. As long as you cite the source, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, you should adhere to the rules and laws that apply to your country. Rest assured that the downloadable reading materials on this platform are legal and malware-free!

How Many Are The PDF Books In PDF Drive?

The number of PDF books on PDF Drive is increasing daily. There are over 60 million PDF books in the PDF Drive library. PDF Drive is not just a platform for readers but also for writers. There are thousands and thousands of PDF books available on PDF Drive. You can even use PDF Books for academic or other purposes. PDF Drive has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Anyone can use it to search for books and download PDF Books offline. The site is accessible to learners, teachers, researchers, and professionals across the globe.

Benefits Of Downloading PDF Books

There are many benefits to be had from downloading PDF books. PDF Books are prominent due to the advantages they can offer to readers. Some of these benefits are below. 

  • Accessibility: One of the advantages of using PDF books is that they are accessible on almost any device. You can read PDF books on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can also store them in devices like pen drives and external hard drives. You can access them at any time and place. 
  • No Internet Required: Another advantage of using PDF books is that you do not need an internet connection to read them. It is on your device. All you have to do is open the file and start reading.
  • Easy To Share: Another great advantage of PDF books is their shareability. You can share them with friends and family or even co-workers. You can also share them with students so that they can use them for assignments. You can attach it to an email or send it using Bluetooth.
  • Cost-Free: There is no charge for reading PDF Books. You can read as many books as you want without paying a single cent. When you download PDF Books sing PDF Drive, you won’t have to worry about your safety or hidden fees as the site has no fees.
  • Have Better Privacy: Another advantage of downloading PDF books is that they are private and exclusively available on your device. You can read it privately without anyone knowing what you are reading. 


The PDF file is one of the most commonly used file formats around the globe. It is handy for storing and sharing documents and other materials. Since it is so easy to create, edit and store these documents, it is also widely used in offices to create, edit and store documents. There are many different ways to access PDF books, but the most popular one is PDF Drive. The site has a massive archive of PDF books downloadable for free. We hope this guide helped you learn more about PDF Drive. Download and Upload PDF Books for free using PDF Drive!

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