Stroller Add-Ons To Make Mother And Baby Comfortable


Strollers are tiny cushioned chairs attached to wheels used to move around babies and toddlers. Buying a new stroller for the little one is a crucial decision the new parents make. A stroller is simple conveyance parents need to ramble a baby around like visiting a park. However, buying a stroller, a good one, is no cakewalk for the new parents or parents-to-be. The first step to finding a good stroller is to find the best baby stroller supplier in the city.

8 Stroller Add-Ons That Make Mom And Baby Happy

Led Light Strips

You can fix on strollers linear,water-proof light strips that glow and keep them safe on city streets. You can get LED light strips wholesale China, their connectors and controllers and fix them yourself. These strips can be attached to the side of the strollers so that the light does not fall directly onto the baby’s eyes. 

These lights also come fitted with adjustable straps that can work without recharging for 150 plus hours.

Air Filtration System

Babies in a stroller are most vulnerable to pollution-related problems and air-borne infections outdoors. Hence, providing baby clean air to breathe, especially when strolling out, is a core parental concern. 

You can attach air filtration systems to a baby stroller using velcro straps. They act similar to the pond filter system in a pond. A pond filter system sucks in dirty water and pumps in clean water. Similarly, the air filters suck in polluted air and pump out the clean air after filtering out the pollutants. 

According to some studies, babies in a stroller are twice more susceptible to pollution than adults. A baby sitting in a stroller is usually only 55 to 85cm above ground level. They face the maximum exhaust fumes as the exhaust pipes of vehicles occur at about 1-meter level.  

Baby Stroller Organizer

A baby stroller organizer usually contains a compartmentalized setup with several pockets and chambers. These organizers are the modern version of baskets that people hung on the handles of their bicycles.

The modern-day baby stroller organizers come with a universal fit. They usually have two or more bottle holders to hold the baby’s water and milk. Apart from bottle holders, these organizers have dedicated spaces to hold bibs, napkins, and essential food items for the baby. The organizers usually have hooks fitted onto them for easy attachment to the stroller.

Zip Ties

Safety concerns always keep the parents on their toes. The prospects of the stroller sliding and skidding away. The chances of an unfortunate skidding event increase tenfold if it begins to snow suddenly when the baby is out for a stroll to the nearby park. 

Zip Ties are the perfect solution to prevent the strollers from sliding away and injuring the baby. When zip ties are fastened firmly to the tires of a stroller, it reduces the chances of an accidental slipping manifold. These zip ties increase the friction between the stroller wheel and the road surface and reduce the chances of such accidents.

Extendable Handlebar

Handlebars help to push the stroller around. The regular baby strollers have handlebars that are not extendable. However, having an extendable handlebar can be a lifesaver for a new mom or dad who happens to push the baby around. 

With an extendable handlebar, the force to be applied while pushing the baby can be reduced considerably as the distance of the weight (baby) and the point of application of force increases. 

A Stroller Lock

A stroller lock functions much like a cycle lock. It keeps the stroller safe in a parking lot while the baby might be strolling in an amusement park. A stroller lock has bungee cables that go around and tie on one of the wheels. The other end of the cord can be attached to a stationary object. Modern stroller locks can also come with 3-digit pins to unlock them, thus adding an additional layer of safety.

A Head Support Band

It is not unusual for a baby to doze off while they are out for a stroll in their strollers. A head support band comes to use as it holds the head of the baby while the baby sleeps. Thus, a head support band saves the baby’s head from being injured by banging against the front handles of the stroller.

Stroller Wheel Covers

While you stroll with the baby in the pram outside, its wheels usually collect mud and dirt from the road. You can park a car outside the house in a garage, but the parking space of a pram is inside the house. So all the dirt accumulated on the wheels makes its way into the house. click here to all about Flixhq

It is thus natural for parents to worry about keeping their house clean when a stroller makes its way into the house after a stroll. Hence a stroller wheel cover makes sure that strollers do not bring in roadside dirt inside the house.


A stroller is an essential item for all babies. Since all new parents use this equipment, having crucial add-ons on a stroller is a requisite. Add-ons improve the quality of a stroller. It makes the life of the new parents more comfortable. It also provides safety for babies traveling with them.

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