Hybrid Thin Film PV Vacuum Glazing From China

If you’re looking for the latest in vacuum glazing technology, you’ve come to the right place. China has some of the most advanced and innovative vacuum glazing on the market, and it’s no surprise that Pilkington Spacia TM has teamed up with the company to create the world’s first hybrid thin film PV vacuum glazing. It’s a glass that combines the best of both technologies to provide the very best in thermal insulation and solar control, while allowing natural daylight and fresh air to pass through.

Tempered Vacuum Glass (TVG) For Passive Room

For a passive house, the external windows require good thermal insulation, excellent daylighting, and good wind pressure resistance. Glass plays a major role in thermal insulation, and tempered vacuum glass has a superior thermal insulation performance. It has a long service life and is easily installed. Tempered vacuum insulating glass is manufactured with a low-temperature glass welding process. This method improves the strength of the glass by 5 times. Click here for more about Compuserve Mail

It can be used for skylight glazing. The lowest U value is 0.6W/M2.K for triple glass units. When installed, it has a lifespan of about 50 years. The thin and light structure of tempered vacuum insulated glass is more suitable for on-site construction. Furthermore, it is also more conducive to window maintenance.

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Tempered Vacuum gGlass (TVG) For Curtain Wall

Tempered vacuum glass is a kind of energy conservation material, which is based on tempered glass filled in vacuum between triple panes. It has excellent heat insulation effect and wind pressure resistance. The insulating capacity of tempered vacuum glass is superior to that of argon-filled tempered low-E insulating glass. It can be widely applied in windows, doors, curtain walls, and flat solar panels.

Compared with ordinary vacuum glass, tempered vacuum glass has advantages such as high deformation resistance, stronger strength, and longer service life. These are beneficial to environmental protection and building energy saving. ICESUN Tempered Vacuum Glass is a new energy conservation material. It is a double wind pressure resistant insulated glass with anti-shock performance. Besides, it has an ultra-thin design.

Tempered Vacuum Glass (TVG) For Freezer

HaanGlas Corporation has developed an Innovative vacuum glazing from China for freezer applications. The result of this research is a tempered glass that is capable of reducing indoor glass temperatures by 30 degrees. It also provides an impressive 11 decibels of sound insulation. While HaanGlas has a venerable history in the glass business, it has not used the term “vacuum insulated glass” until now. Now, HaanGlas has begun putting this glass into practical use. Among other applications, it is being applied to glass doors for refrigerators.

Aside from being environmentally friendly, this type of glass is also aesthetically pleasing. The glass is a sleek, refined flat panel. In addition, the glass is easy to clean. Other features of this glass are its heat insulating performance. With only 6-mm thick of glass, this product delivers the best insulation performance of any glass product in its class.

Hybrid Thin Film PV Vacuum Glazing

In this paper, we review some of the research and applications of hybrid thin film PV vacuum glazing from China. This technology integrates optically switchable smart materials with PV glazing modules to generate electricity. It has the potential to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor thermal comfort.

Thin film photovoltaic glazing uses transparent photovoltaic cells deposited on super-clear float glass. The thickness of the panels varies from few nanometers to tens of micrometers, allowing for flexible cells. These panels are often fabricated on top of a TCO layer.

BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) glazing has a lot of advantages, such as reducing the cooling load, reducing glare and generating electricity. However, traditional BIPV glazing systems lack dynamic control over solar heat transmission.

HaanGlas Basic & Pro(tm)

Vacuum glass is an emerging window element, which is being used in a wide range of applications. Why HaanGlas VIG is different? Its thermal performance, weight and service life are unique features. LandGlass is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of vacuum insulated glass. It has independent intellectual property rights, and has mastered a vacuum insulating glass with world-class standards.

LandGlass’s flagship product is an 8mm thin vacuum insulated glass. It has passed the Industrial Vacuum Glass Production recognition from the China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association. The company is dedicated to energy saving building glass, and its products include tempered vacuum glas, solar composite glass and other vacuum insulated glass. This innovative glass has a U-value of one fifth of conventional double glazing.


However, Vacuum glazing is a relatively new window element. It offers excellent thermal performance. As a result, it is attractive for retrofit applications. In addition, it is lightweight, which makes it an ideal solution for facades and other types of building components.

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