Patients Journey to Drug Launch Success

The pharmaceutical industry is changing faster than expected, a factor contributing to how drugs get into the market. There are several failed drug launches contributing to this. Many people and organizations find it challenging to comprehend the reality of drug launches. In a recently conducted study, a medicine launch test was conducted, and only 10 percent of the drugs rated excellent. However, none of the drug launches are set to improve the conditions of their drugs to the best. Research conducted by Deloitte shows that the drugs not meeting their launch continue to be used. Therefore, NetbaseQuid implements measure instrumental to pharmaceutical manufacturers towards nailing the drug launching process. 

Understand Patient Needs

Understanding your patient’s health problems and experiences is usually necessary and vital. According to research, many social media users prefer handling their health using online platforms. Michael Durwin, Director of Social Intelligence & Communities at ICON, notes that social media is an appropriate place for interaction and discussion about health issues with your patients.

It is high time drug manufacturers pull up their socks and exploit the tools integral in nailing the medicine launch in a generation where there is gradual advancement in technology. The drug launch success rate diminishes because of poor communication between patients and the pharmaceutical industry. Patients have a significant role to play in ensuring the success of these drug tests. They should be transparent enough about the demonstration of outcomes from drug trials. It might not be easy for pharmaceutical industries to get this information unless they engage directly or indirectly with patients. AI tools like natural language processing are essential in understanding patient expectations through social listening. 

Target Drug Prescribers

Another cause of launch failure caused by doctors who give the wrong prescriptions to patients. The competition in the drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical sector is increasingly growing. Unlike in the past, where newly launched drugs would dominate the market for over eight years, it currently takes the drugs less than five years to be dominant in the marketplace. The competition is making it difficult for drug manufacturers thinking of manufacturing new drugs. It is also crucial for drug manufacturers to create a drug awareness program for the patients regarding the clinical and non-clinical importance of drugs to patients. 

Provision of Good Customer Service

How you handle your customers matters, and this is a factor to consider in every industry. Opportunities to make the patient journey more effective will be found on occasion when the treatment process is made more active. Rarely will people pinpoint the areas that should be upgradeable. Therefore, a significant percentage of consumers change brands. Interacting with healthcare organizations is integral to enhancing the launch success rate. 

The patients’ and prescribers’ relationships must be solid, which will be successful through communication at the customer service desk. You can also implement patient-centric protocols to leverage emails, phone calls, and data collected from digital evidence. 

Track Marketing Performance

Any company in the midst of medicine launch must hire a strong sales team. The industries rely on their representatives’ power to market their products. Enterprises must focus and find an appropriate way to take their products on the shelf. Manufacturers must also adopt the targeted-market approach and improve the patient’s experience through product articulation. Industries can also track their marketing performance by engaging in conversations with customers and using key opinion leaders and influencers. 

About NetBase Quid

NetbaseQuid rose after the merger of Quid and NetBase. The firm’s area of focus is consumer and marketing intelligence. Since its establishment, it has managed to help other upcoming firms understand data analytics and emerging trends to help improve customer and company relations.

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